Do you

  • Want a powerful mindset with mental resilience and focus that allows you to rise above all challenges
  • Want the keys to true happiness, great relationships and a meaningful life?

Whether it’s for you personally, your loved ones, your workplace or people around you, the TUFMINDS Program will catapult your life, relationships and achievements further than you would have believed possible... and the amazing thing is... the power is already in you!

Find out how to harness your power and achieve ultimate levels of mindsets, success and happiness….

TUFMINDS is a unique program that boosts mental well-being, resilience, mood and performance using proven innovative and revolutionary techniques. The program enriches understanding of how we all work, to allow us and those around us to grow, overcome obstacles and succeed in life.

TUFMINDS moves people from the dangerous “red end” of the mood meter to the “green end” of flourishing and thriving!

The program is doctor designed, evidence based, follows best practice and repeatedly proven to be dramatically successful with published research!

TUF stands for:

Think - Positively

Understand - Knowledge is Power

Flourish and Thrive

So while this program improves individuals profoundly, it also gives the tools to help your family, friends, workplace colleagues and social groups improve their lives, overcome mental illness, reduce stigma and make the world a better place to live!

So jump on board RIGHT NOW and begin your journey to life success!

Drs John and Eli McIntosh

Your Instructors

Drs John & Eli McIntosh are the creators of “TUFMINDS", innovative Training Programs They are co-authors of two Award Winning and Best Selling books, ‘Mastering Negative Impulsive Thoughts (NITs)’ and ‘CEO Principles’.

They have designed these programs using the Positive Mindfulness Cognition processes that cover Business, Health, Relaxation and Success!

Their successful businesses are global and based on excellence, servicing gaps and improving society. All are based on Positivity Principles and they have won multiple business awards and medical awards over the years including, Global Business Insight Award, Telstra Business Award, Australian Institute of Management's Business Leader and Entrepreneur Awards, AGPAL and Top 25 Australian CEO Award.

I'm living my best life!

"The TUFMINDS Personal Masterclass has greatly improved my personal relationships. My children are more responsive, I have better communication with my partner and this program has enriched my life immensely."

- Annie Jacobs -