• Create inspirational leaders that raise the team higher
  • Improve trust, communication and work atmosphere
  • Engage and motivate staff
  • Learn effective and stress free disciplinary processes
  • Protect your business from mental health crises
  • Eliminate risk of discrimination and harassment
  • Self Care techniques to maintain super high performance

TUFMINDS Leadership Masterclass will give you all this and more!

Empower and inspire your leaders with these effective techniques to motivate and engage workers. These strategies are vital for enhancing productivity and fostering a positive workplace environment. The resulting benefits include increased productivity, decreased absenteeism, and mitigated risks associated with mental health claims and associated costs.

Mental health scores improve by an amazing 30-54%* - other programs do NOT do this!!!

This program provides unique processes that create “Positive Mindfulness”, improved communication and problem solving and a powerful set of 15 culture standards that ensure all staff are working and living to their highest standards.

These also create self correcting staff behaviour and make the disciplinary process smooth, easy and stress free! Fortunately with this program, these events are also rare....

Other unique processes include understanding the principle of fixing the “Holes in the Bucket”- where profits are leaking out, the “10 Keys for Inspirational Leadership”, the essentials to avoid harassment and discrimination and “How to Positively Manage Conflict and Complaints”.

Also there are unique staff interview strategies are shared to that maintain long term performance!

Gossip, sarcasm and denigration is eliminated in the workplace, communication becomes supportive and empowering with improved trust and engagement flowing through as a result.

There are palpable changes to the workplace atmosphere and the benefits flow well past the productivity and the bottom line, but also to families, children and individuals personal lives!

This program has the power to transform your business.

*Research papers - www.tufminds.com/research

Who is this course for?

Whether you are a Business Owner, Manager, Leader or you just want to learn how to become one of these, this is the course for you!

If you aren't seeing the results that you hope for within your business or workplace - or you're looking for guidance to show you how to improve your work environment, you need to do this course.

We help you create systems to protect you, your colleagues and your business from mental health crises and reduce Insurance claims and litigation.

Course Curriculum

The courses self directed and includes:-

  • Video Modules
  • Course Booklets
  • Course Resources
  • Quizzes
  • Audio Modules
  • Course Certification

All modules will be available for 12 months to allow repeated use and reinforcement of the processes if required for the individual.

The results are dramatic and palpable in the workplace with the team becoming supportive, and non-judgmental, and performance in interactions with each other and with clients noticeable better!

Marius Johnson - Bcerta Manager

"The techniques I've learned from this program have greatly improved my leadership skills. My team is more productive, which is great for the business, staff and most importantly, our clients."

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