With increasing numbers of people struggling with the mental well-being and mental illnesses, everyone will be affected directly or indirectly. Therefore, understanding mental health problems, symptoms and solutions is essential. 

TUFMINDS shares how to recognise the signs, ask the right questions and take the right action to help anyone (or yourself) that is at risk of suicide, and does save lives.

There are tools to use with anyone thinking of self-harm or suicide right now and active steps to manage depression, stress, insomnia and other issues.

Knowledge eliminates fear and stigma about mental illness – TUFMINDS therefore, is the key for anyone who may need to help individuals (or yourself) in emotional distress. Life saving modules can be shared with others and effective techniques for dealing with stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia are also covered. Effective natural processes are shared to boost mental well-being that everyone of us needs to keep in mind everyday….

Become the light and shine the way to well-being, resilience and joy with your own positive mindset and wonderful life!

Brian Gerrard

Hi, I'm Brian Gerrard

"The TUFMINDS App is a wonderful resource and innovative mental well-being and suicide prevention program that will save lives in every community!

The Life Rescue Program increases your knowledge and understanding, giving you the confidence to ask the important questions and know what action to take if you or someone you know is struggling with Mental Health Issues."

Who is this course for?


This course provides vital information to boost mental well-being and help save a life. It includes:-

• Vital information to give immediate and direct counselling for imminent suicide risk.

• The action steps to take to help individuals at risk of suicide.

• Mental Health Stigma reduction.

• The practical steps to boost mental well-being.

• How to deal with negativity from others.

Course content

Drs John & Eli McIntosh present course content via:-

  • Video Modules
  • Course Booklets
  • Quizzes
  • Audio Modules

Certification upon completion of course.


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