Create a happy, flourishing and thriving workplace and reduce stress by using proven and innovative techniques that achieve ideal workplace behaviours and cultures.

TUFMINDS combines three important programs, including the popular 21 Day Stress Buster Program, to ensure your workplace is positive and thriving and your employees mental wellbeing is a priority!

In Australia 1 in 5 people will experience a common mental illness every year. Therefore, millions of Australians go to work every day with some form of mental health problem. This affects the workplace productivity, performance, and employee well-being. 

Mental health and wellbeing has become a priority for employees and employers as many businesses struggle to manage an evolving work dynamic amid a global pandemic. Businesses are now prioritising mental health to ensure their teams sustain a productive and healthy work environment.

On average Australian workers spend close to a third of their lives at work and as a business leader it is your responsibility to provide them with early intervention for mental illness.

TUFMINDS training has proven strategies to improve mental health problems and thus workplace productivity.

Mick Baker, Jennmar Qld Manager

Hear how TUFMINDS training programs improved his workplace and overall business.

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